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Quantum DXi V Series
High-Performing, Affordable, and Extensible Virtual Backup Appliances

Quantum DXi V Series

Quantum Products
Quantum DXi V Series
DXi V2000
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DXi V4000
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Quantum DXi ® V-Series is a virtual deduplication backup appliance that protects physical and virtual data across remote sites, the datacenter and cloud deployments.

DXi V-Series Virtual Backup Appliance

  • 100% Software and Virtual | eliminates the needs to deploy additional hardware without sacrificing performance.
  • Best-in-Class Performance | 4.9TB/hr ingest reduces backup windows while reducing storage footprint.
  • Cloud Ready | ideal for Backup as a Service whether in a private, public or hybrid based environment.
  • Award Winning Deduplication | patented deduplication reduces storage requirements by up to 90%.
  • Industry Leading Scalability | from 1TB-360TB* capacity in a single virtual backup appliance with two options DXi V2000 and DXi V4000.
  • Flexible Deployment | DXi V-Series can be deployed anywhere supporting remote and data center data protection services

DXi® V-Series is a virtual backup appliance that combines the power and performance of dedupe functionality with the simplicity and flexibility of virtual machines.

100% Virtual
The DXi V-Series was designed from the beginning around virtualization. This 100% virtual appliance approach maintains high performance and scalability, usually reserved for physical appliances, enabling customers to get the most out of their investment in virtualized infrastructure. Whether you are looking to protect a fully virtualized environment or a mix of physical and virtual, the DXi V-Series can protect all data types.

Reduce Hardware Requirements
Virtualization technologies deliver the ability to scale your environment quickly and easily using existing capital equipment. Your data protection solution should be able to support the same while reducing overall expenses. The DXi V-Series deploys using existing virtual infrastructure, so no new servers or storage are required. With patented inline deduplication, DXi V-Series reduces storage footprint by as much as 90%.

Disaster Recovery And Cloud Baas For Any Size Organization
No matter what your data protection needs are today, or in the future, DXi V-Series has you covered. With single virtual appliance scalability from 1TB-480TB*, customers can deploy DXi V-Series in a wide range of uses. Whether you are looking for remote site, data center protection or looking to deploy Cloud Backup-as-a-Service, DXi V-Series enables this type of flexibility.

High Performance And Simple Scalability
DXi V-Series has changed the hardware performance and scale paradigm by providing up to 5TB/hr ingest and up to 480TB* of scale in a single virtual appliance model. Easily add more capacity to your DXi V-Series by updating the license file and deliver optimal performance by taking advantage of virtual machine technologies such as vMotion and vStorage Motion.

Features & Benefits

100% virtual

  • Eliminate hardware requirements.
  • Reduce overall storage footprint.
  • Integrate easily with all leading backup software.

High performance and simple scalability

  • Up to 5TB/hr ingest performance.
  • Protects up to 480TB* of data on any physical or virtual server.

Foundation for Backup-as-a-Service

  • Powerful and proven deduplication for both virtual and physical servers.
  • From remote to data center protection in an all-virtual option.
  • Reduce data by up to 90%.
  • Disaster Recover and Cloud BaaS for any size organization.


DXi V2000

Ideal for remote or small site data protection with storage capacity of up to 160TB* in a single virtual appliance, DXi V2000 makes DR a reality for any size organization.

DXi V2000

DXi V4000

For those needing higher performance and scale up to 480TB* in a single virtual appliance, DXi V4000 delivers. Protection of remote sites, a replication target in the data center, or foundation for Cloud BaaS, the DXi V4000 provides the flexibility needed for the most demanding environments.

DXi V4000


Quantum DXi V Series Specifications
Performance DXi V4000: Up to 5TB/hr (DXi Accent™)
DXi V2000: Up to 2TB/hr (DXi Accent)
Capacity (usable) DXi V4000: 4TB-24TB
DXi V2000: 1TB-8TB
Standard Software Included Deduplication, replication, encryption, DXi Accent, NAS (CIFS/NFS), OST Support
NAS backup target Presentations: CIFS and/or NFS
Shares: 128 max
Openstorage (OST) API Presentations: Symantec Storage Servers and Logical Storage Units
Shares: 128 max
DXi Accent
DXi Accent software allows the backup server to collaborate in the deduplication process, offloading part of the data reduction activity so that only unique blocks are sent over the network to the DXi appliance. This hybrid approach provides faster backups over bandwidth-constrained LANs or WANs. DXi Accent can be enabled or disabled on a per-media server basis. Initial support for DXi Accent is provided through the NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) API.
Replication Included For All Units
Replication-compatible with DXi systems using NAS or OST presentations. Replication is asynchronous, one-to-one configurations; partitions in same unit act as replication source or target; units with partitions acting as replication targets can also support local backup; data is deduplicated and encrypted prior to transmission; file-based replication provides automated access to data at the target; CLI supports scripting/scheduling. Configurations support replication bandwidth control.
Minimum System Requirements
DXi V2000 VMware ESXi 5.0 or 5.1
Multi-core Intel processor (AMD not supported): Two virtual CPU cores required for execution
Minimum 1.5TB of thinly provisioned disk capacity
0.5TB (512GB) of disk capacity in addition to licensed capacity (i.e., 8.5TB for a 8TB license)
8GB of RAM allocated to the DXi V2000
DXi V4000 VMware ESXi 5.0, 5.1, or 5.5
Multi-core Intel processor (AMD not supported)
Eight virtual CPU cores required for execution
Minimum 4.5TB of thinly provisioned disk capacity
0.5TB (512GB) of disk capacity in addition to licensed capacity (i.e., 24.5TB for a 24TB license)
48GB of RAM allocated to the DXi V4000
The DXi V4000 will use less than 48GB of RAM depending upon connections and capacity in use


Download the Quantum DXi V Series Datasheet (PDF).


Quantum Products
Quantum DXi V Series
DXi V2000
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DXi V4000
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