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Xcellis Workflow Storage
Accelerate. Scale. Empower.

Xcellis Workflow Storage


Xcellis Workflow Storage is high-performance shared storage for collaborative workflows—powered by StorNext 5, the industry’s fastest streaming file system. Engineered to solve the world’s toughest data management challenges.

What is Xcellis Workflow Storage?

Xcellis workflow storage enables high-speed shared access to your critical data. Powered by StorNext 5 data management software, it includes an Xcellis Workflow Director for system management and client connectivity, and RAID storage for data. This combination of software, compute, and storage is engineered to solve the world’s biggest storage challenges—and enables you to focus on your workflows rather than the storage. So you can do what you do best.

High-Performance, Massively Scalable Primary Storage

Most organizations that work with large amounts of data are familiar with the causes of their pain—large files, even larger data sets, more collaborators, shorter deadlines, nearly constant upgrades—but far less obvious is a way to address the situation. The ideal solution would be a storage system flexible enough to be right-sized for any large data workflow. One that is scalable enough to keep up with growing demands without performance degradation. A system collaborative enough to provide access, regardless of performance requirements. And finally, efficient enough to do all this and stay on budget. Quantum Xcellis™ workflow storage is just that.

Converged Architecture

Xcellis optimizes workflow and shared access by combining functions that were formerly provided by separate components into a compact, space- and energy-saving solution. Xcellis manages high-speed disk for the most demanding workflows, multi-protocol SAN and LAN client access, single-pane-of-glass management and monitoring, and automatic data movement to low-cost storage such as cloud, object, and tape. Xcellis maximizes operational and workflow efficiency, and reduces the cost of data storage.

Continuous Scalability

Other scalable storage systems require additional system acceleration units or compute-heavy expansion nodes in order to scale. These units increase the cost and network complexity of scaling. Xcellis scales simply by adding storage arrays so every dollar invested pays off in more capacity and greater bandwidth. Plus, the initial investment in Xcellis is protected, eliminating forklift upgrades in order to scale.

Unified Access

Demanding workflows have spawned an increased need for collaboration and expanded teams. By combining both SAN performance and the ease of NAS connectivity, Xcellis extends collaboration to the broadest range of users. This provides the right level of performance to the right people, improves collaboration, and simplifies deployments and workflows.

Efficiency And Enablement

Xcellis reduces or eliminates the need to maintain multiple storage systems, the network traffic to move data between them, and the time and headcount to manage them. By using converged storage and access, organizations can scale their storage system more efficiently by leveraging every dollar spent to benefit all connected users.

Xcellis optimizes workflows, accelerates time to insight, and empowers organizations to do more with their data.

Features & Benefits:

Efficient, converged architecture
Combines compute, client access, and storage to create an efficient and powerful core of a workflow storage solution.

Flexible continuous scalability
Add storage arrays to scale from the smallest configurations to the largest with no forklift upgrades or extra accelerators.

Multi-protocol access built in
Optimizes workflow efficiency and data access by enabling all clients access to the same data regardless of protocol, on a SAN or on a LAN.

Massive scalability
Support for billions of files across up to 64 virtual file systems. Virtually unlimited capacity. Scale to hundreds of petabytes.

Extend scalability even further using
cloud, object storage, or tape.

Flexible connectivity options
16Gb FC, 8Gb FC, 1Gb Ethernet, and 10Gb Ethernet.

Powered by StorNext® 5
Xcellis is designed to get the most out of StorNext 5, the industry’s best data management system for highperformance, multi-tier, shared storage.

StorNext Connect management tool
Built-in deployment, management, monitoring, and reporting for multiple systems from a single interface.

Technical Specifications:

Xcellis Workflow Storage Specifications
Workflow Director Nodes
  • Dual rack servers
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Dual six-core high-performance Intel E5 v3 CPUs
Workflow Director Storage
  • Quantum QXS-4
  • Dual redundant high-performance controllers
  • Quad 16Gb Fibre Channel per controller (eight ports total)
  • Available in 2U12, 2U24, and 4U56 options
Storage Support Supports Quantum QXS storage for combined metadata and data options; Quantum or 3rd-party storage for user data*
*3rd-party user data storage requires dedicated Quantum QXS metadata storage.
Included StorNext Software StorNext High Availability License Option, ten SAN clients available to the user for any OS type, one embedded SAN client for each Xcellis Workflow Director Node, and a Distributed Data Mover license (for the secondary node)
Optional NAS Connectivity License Allows connection of SMB and NFS clients directly to Xcellis; does not require per-client licensing
Optional StorNext LAN Gateway License Allows connection of StorNext LAN clients directly to Xcellis; does not require per-client licensing
Connectivity Options
Fibre Channel Dual 16Gb Optical or Quad 8Gb Optical
Onboard Ethernet Quad 1Gb for service, management, and metadata networks
Optional Ethernet Up to two additional NICs for StorNext LAN, NAS, Q-Cloud™, and Lattus™ connections
Choose from quad 1GbE or dual 10GbE 10GbE in Optical or Twinax
Client Protocol Support StorNext SAN, StorNext LAN, SMB 1 (CIFS), SMB 2, SMB 3, NFS v3, Active Directory, OpenLDAP, RESTful API
Client Support Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, AIX (see compatibility document for details)
Multi-tier Options
Extended Online Quantum Lattus-M low-latency, massively scalable object storage
Tape Archive StorNext AEL500, StorNext AEL6000 tape archive 3rd-party tape archive systems also supported
Cloud Storage Q-Cloud Archive simple access cloud storage Q-Cloud Vault long-term deep-archive cloud storage

Xcellis Storage Nodes
  QXS-412 QXS-424 QXS-456
Usage Combined user data and metadata Dedicated metadata Combined user data and metadata
Capacity Options (Raw) 48TB, 72TB per chassis 4.8TB, 9.6TB, 19.2TB 224TB, 336TB
RAID Array to Expansion Ratio Up to seven expansions per RAID Array RAID Array only Up to three expansions per RAID Array
Drive Type 3.5" 7200 RPM NL-SAS 2.5" SSD 3.5" 7200 RPM NL-SAS

  Xcellis Workflow Director Node
(per node, two nodes per Workflow Director)
QXS-412 QXS-424 QXS-456
Rack Height 1U 2U 2U 4U
Height 1.68" (4.28 cm) 3.43" (8.71 cm) 3.5" (8.9 cm) 7" (17.8 cm)
Width 18.98" (48.32 cm) 18.99" (48.24 cm) 17.6" (44.7 cm) 17.6" (44.7 cm)
Depth 27.57" (70.05 cm) 20.46" (51.9 cm) 20.57" (52.25 cm) 36" (91.44 cm)
Max Weight 37.3 lb (16.9 kg) 78.2 lb (35.5 kg) 57.32 lb (26 kg) 210 lb (95.3 kg)
Watts 295 465 436 1200
BTU 1007 1587 1488 4095


Download the Xcellis Workflow Storage Datasheet (PDF).