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Quantum QXS Q-Tools
Making Storage Manageable.

Quantum QXS Q-Tools

QXS Q-Tools include:

Cache | SSD Read Cache

Q-Tools Cache

Cache supports SSD/HDD configurations that dramatically increases the amount of read-cache available to the storage system. Using one or two SSDs in the storage configuration automatically activates the read-cache function which can improve overall performance of read intensive applications and workloads.

Thin | Thin Provisioning

Q-Tools Thin Provisioning

Thin provisioning streamlines the tasks of provisioning and modifying volumes, allowing IT managers to respond to data growth as needed. Disk space is only used when written to and LUN size is independent of physical disk space used. IT managers can add storage when needed, easily expanding volumes non-disruptively.

Pool | Automatic Pooling

Q-tools automatic pooling

With Storage Pooling, the disks—whether physical or logical—can be aggregated into pools from which the logical volumes are allocated. This greatly simplifies storage allocation by eliminating the need to manage partitioned space on the physical storage resources.

Quick | RAID Rapid Rebuilds

Q-tools RAID rapid rebuilds

Within each collection of disk drives that make up a storage pool, data is further protected with RAID redundancy within each tier. In a typical RAID system, rebuilding a drive can be time consuming, especially with high capacity drives, because each sector requires rebuilding. Quick delivers an accelerated rebuild operation as only the sectors that contain actual data are rebuilt, resulting in up to 5 times faster restoration of the RAID set. For instance, a drive that is only 50 percent utilized will rebuild in 50 percent less time with Quick.

Snap | Virtualized Snapshots

Q-Tools virtualized snapshots

Snap, a powerful advanced copy feature, includes point-in-time snapshots and asynchronous replication. Snap allows up to 1024 snapshots to be taken, at any time, with zero impact on storage performance.