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Quantum StorNext AEL Archives
Cost-Effective Tiering for Long-Term Digital Archives

Quantum StorNext AEL Archives

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Quantum StorNext AEL Archives
StorNext AEL6
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Stornext Solutions For Demanding Workflows

From DNA sequencing to hi-definition video editing to seismic exploration, customers across industries are experiencing tremendous growth in unstructured digital assets. This digital content is very high in volume, is growing at high rates, and has great value to the business or institution. Like all Quantum StorNext® Appliances, StorNext AEL Archives are purpose-built for extreme data environments, offering high-performance, highly scalable data management solutions that are also cost effective and easy to manage. When added to a StorNext file system deployment, StorNext AEL Archives provide near-line archiving with built-in data protection and self-healing capabilities to ensure that valuable digital assets are protected and accessible over time.

Cost-Effective, High-Capacity Tiered Storage

StorNext AEL Archives use automated, policybased tiering and cost-effective tape storage to deliver petabytes of data accessible to users through a simple file system interface. By extending the StorNext file system with the StorNext AEL Archive, you can move seldomaccessed data to inexpensive tape media that requires very little power, cooling, or floor space. The data migration and tiering is all transparent to users—when a user saves a file to the StorNext File System, it remains accessible, regardless of its location. StorNext AEL6 starts at 125TB (50 slots of LTO-6) and can grow to 4.8PB (800 slots of LTO-7). StorNext AEL6000 scales up to 72PB with 12,006 slots of near-line storage using LTO-7. StorNext Vaulting with the Active Vault license for StorNext AEL6 and AEL6000 will store vaulted tapes in an inactive partition of the library for faster access and greater security than vaulting outside the library.

Self-healing Archive

StorNext AEL Archives ensure data integrity through policy-based Extended Data Life Management (EDLM). EDLM tests and verifies the media in the archive and provides health reports for all cartridges. If EDLM identifies a suspect tape cartridge, EDLM interacts with StorNext, and the data on the original cartridge is automatically copied to a new cartridge, creating a self-healing archive solution.

Investment Protection With Slot-based Pricing

StorNext AEL Archives use slot-based pricing to guarantee investment protection over the lifetime of the archive. As tape media capacities increase from one generation to another, the capacity of a purchased StorNext AEL Archive can increase—with no additional software license fees—making the initial investment affordable and its long-term TCO unbeatable.

Features & Benefits:

  • Automated tiering
    Based on user-defined policies, infrequently accessed files are automatically migrated to economical tape media, reducing costs so more content can be retained and protected.
  • Capacity-on-demand growth
    Simplifies storage growth by scaling quickly, easily, and without disruption.
  • Slot-based pricing model
    Customers significantly increase archive capacities when they migrate already purchased StorNext AEL Archives to a new LTO tape technology (i.e. LTO-6 to LTO-7).
  • Self-healing
    Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) capability automatically copies data on suspect tapes to new tape media.
  • Active Vault
    Secure in-library vaulting saves cost, increases security, and simplifies access to vaulted content.
  • Reduced management costs
    Automated data tiering, tape data integrity checking + self-healing means less management time and optimal utilization.
  • World-class support from one vendor
    All software, hardware, and support come from the experts at Quantum.


Quantum StorNext AEL Archives Specifications
Solution Includes
StorNext AEL6 StorNext AEL6000
StorNext Storage Manager slot-based licenses
EDLM software with license
Scalar i6 tape library configured for the following slot count
  • 50 activated slots
  • Expandable to 800 slots
  • High-efficiency power supplies, 80 PLUS® certified
Scalar i6000 tape library configured for the appropriate slot count
  • 400, 700, 1,500, 3,000 or 5,000 activated slots
  • Expandable to 12,006* slots
  • High-efficiency power supplies, 80 PLUS Gold certified
Capacity Configurations
  StorNext AEL6 StorNext AEL6000
Base Module Sizes 6U 1-17 frames
Technology LTO-6
Drives up to 24 up to 192
Slots 50 to 800 400 to 12,006*
Base Unit Active Slots 50 400, 700, 1,500, 3,000, 5,000
Approximate Capacity Range (TB) 125-2,000 (LTO-6)
300-4,800 (LTO-7)
600-17,970* (LTO-5)
1,000-29,950* (LTO-6)
2,400-71,880 (LTO-7)
*Maximum requires optional HDEMs. Addition of optional drives, optional I/E Stations, or optional Dual Robot will reduce maximum size.
Optional Add-Ons
StorNext AEL6
  • Capacity-on-Demand for quick and easy scalability:
    • 25-slot licenses
    • 100-slot licenses
    • 750-slot license available
    • Physical Expansion Modules sold separately
  • Additional tape drives
  • EDLM drives
  • Active Vault
  • StorNext Distributed Data Movers (DDM)
  • StorNext vaulting
  • Advanced Reporting license
  • Redundant power supply
  • Advanced Path Failover
StorNext AEL6000
  • Dual Robot feature with active/active operation
  • Capacity-on-Demand for quick and easy scalability:
    • 100 slot licenses
    • Physical Expansion Modules sold separately
  • Choice of Expansion Modules
    • Storage/Drive Expansion Module
    • High-Density Expansion Module
  • EDLM drives
  • StorNext Distributed Data Movers (DDM)
  • StorNext vaulting
  • Active Vault
  • Advanced Reporting license
  • Redundant power supply
  • Advanced Path Failover
Stornext Ael Advanced Feature Details
Dual Robot: Adds a redundant robot for high availability and active/active operation for faster robot performance. Allows the library to continue to operate despite robotic failure. (AEL6000 only)
Active Vault: In-library vaulting of cartridges in a separate Active Vault partition. Reduces software and hardware costs, reduces management time, improves data security.
HDEMs: High-Density Expansion Modules replace Standard-Density Expansion Modules to achieve 70% higher physical capacity in the same floor space. (AEL6000 only)
Advanced Reporting: Media Integrity Analysis report, Media Usage report, Drive Utilization report, Security report and media removal notifications, Report scheduling with automated report creation and delivery to distribution lists.
Firmware Auto-leveling: Maintains consistent firmware levels across all tape drives in the library
Extended Data Life Management(EDLM): Media health reports of cartridges stored for long-term archive, information is collected outside of normal operation. Policy-based data migration to new cartridges.
Path Failover: Control Path Failover, Data Path Failover including support for path failure within the SAN fabric.
Library Partitioning: Supports up to 16 partitions for tape consolidation in the AEL6000 and up to 15 partitions in the AEL6.
  StorNext AEL6 StorNext AEL6000
Library Control/Data Interface: 8Gb fibre channel 8Gb fibre channel
Management Interface: 1GbE 1GbE
Inventory Speed: Ranges from approx. 1 min. to 6 min. depending on configuration 100 slots in 20 seconds
Import/Export: Configurable, 0-50 in 5-slot increments for every module, up to 240 I/E slots. Up to 1,104 (LTO) physical I/E slots; Extended I/E provides virtual I/E slots; Auto-Import; Non-disruptive bulk loading
  StorNext AEL6 StorNext AEL6000
Library MSBF: Greater than 2,000,000 Greater than 3,000,000
Power: 2N power
Diagnostics: Embedded monitoring of major subsystems, self-diagnostic procedures, and policy-based email and pager alerts to system administrators and Quantum Global Services
Library MTTR: 30 minutes 20 minutes
Module Upgrades: Any storage module may be added in less than 30 minutes; all components are customer-installable Standard-Density Expansion Modules are included by default with purchase of Capacity-on-Demand license keys. Optional HDEMs replace StandardDensity Expansion Modules, if purchased.
Compliance And Certification
  StorNext AEL6 StorNext AEL6000
Safety: IEC 60950 with worldwide country deviations TUV IEC-60950-1:2006 CB Scheme, EN60950-1 2nd Edition
Emissions: CNS13438 Class A, EN55022:2010 Class A, FCC Part 15 Class A, KN 32, VCCI Class A: FCC CFR-47 Part 15, CISPR 22, EN55022, VCCI, KCC
Immunity: EN 55024, KN 35 EN55024, KN55024
International: CE (Europe), VCCI (Japan), TUV/GS (Germany), FCC (USA), ICES (Canada), cTUVus (USA & Canada), EAC (EuroAsian Conformity Mark), KCC (Korea), BSMI (Taiwan) CE, cTUVus, KCC (MIC), GOST, VCCI
  StorNext AEL6 StorNext AEL6000
Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz 100-240 VAC, 2-24 kVA
Temperature: 16 to 35°C operating 15 to 35°C operating
Humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing operating 10 to 90% non-condensing operating
StorNext AEL Archives are for purchase with StorNext appliances or StorNext software, or can be added to an existing StorNext deployment. The StorNext AEL family is designed for use with:
  • StorNext Pro Solutions
  • StorNext Metadata Appliances
  • StorNext Storage
  • StorNext Software
  • Scalar Key Manager
  • Select 3rd-Party Encryption Key Managers
Supported Environments
Host Operating Systems and Client Types: Sun Solaris; HP-UX; IBM AIX; RedHat EL; SuSE ES; Microsoft Windows; Mac OS X*; CentOS; Scientific Linux; Oracle Linux
Metadata Controller: Requires StorNext M440/M660 Metadata Appliance or equivalent Linux StorNext Metadata Contoller

*Mac OS X support provided by Apple’s Xsan product. Go to for more information.
Note: Consult the StorNext Supported Environments List at for a complete list of supported operating systems.


Download the Quantum StorNext AEL Archives Datasheet (PDF).


Quantum Products
Quantum StorNext AEL Archives
StorNext AEL6
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StorNext AEL6000
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