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Quantum QXS Q-Tier
Intelligent, Automated Real-time Tiering

Quantum QXS Q-Tier

QXS Q-Tier, intelligent, automated, real-time storage tiering, moves the most frequently used data onto the highest performing storage tier for optimal performance.

Next Generation Storage Tiering

Existing tiering software often works in a batch mode, moving large amounts of data every 24 hours and/or are policy-based and require significant manual intervention. Organizations today operate 24x7, with no down-time. Moving large data sets in a batch process, slows down applications, slowing down business.

Tiering must consider the dynamic nature of the data being accessed and automatically and continuously move the data to the appropriate tier to immediately and consistently improve application and business performance.

How Quantum's QXS Q-Tier works:

QXS Q-Tier is intelligent, automated, real-time storage tiering that will ensure the most frequently used data is in the highest performing storage when it is needed. QXS Q-Tier has an intelligent algorithm that continuously scores, scans and sorts the data. This scoring, scanning and sorting process occurs every 5 seconds continuously moving data between the tiers as the data being accessed changes.

Evaluates the data based on how frequently and how recently it is accessed.

Constant background scanning identifies the high-score data. A scan occurs every 5 seconds, utilizing less than 1% of system CPU.

Immediately moves the data to the appropriate tier.

Optimize Your Storage Investment

Tiering data requires both compute power and storage bandwidth. Unlike other hybrid storage arrays that tier data daily to avoid performance degradation during peak hours, QXS arrays have dedicated processing and dual active-active controllers to tier data every 5 seconds—constantly promoting active workloads to the fastest tier available with no reduction in performance. This provides the most needed data with the highest I/O possible, and also reduces bottlenecks.

Optimize Storage